NOGS TOUR OF HIDDEN GARDENS occurs annually in April. Savannahians in the historic district open their walled gardens to the public for this 2-day event. The Club’s only fundraiser, it boasts 100% Active member participation.


Civic Beautification & Preservation

Listed below are some of the past grant recipients:


  • Bonaventure Historical Society
  • Botanical Garden and Garden Center
  • Coastal Heritage Society 
  • King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation
  • Oakland Island Wildlife Center 
  • Park Place Outreach Youth Shelter 
  • Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. Scholarship Fund 
  • Memorials for members passing annually
  • The Fresh Air Home  
  • The Savannah Tree Foundation         
  • Tybee Island Maritime Academy
  • Urban Hope Savannah    

Open Gate
Brick Steps